Battling redundancy stress

It is now over two months since we came back from our epic challenge; two months which, personally, have been some of the hardest of my life.   Our challenge changed things. It helped us to realise that anything was possible; no longer did even the biggest and most unbelievable of events feel unachievable. Walk 30 […]

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An overthinking mind

Two weeks since we finished on that hot Singapore afternoon, two weeks that has seen us both go through a period of major readjustment. It’s not been easy (although after writing this a few days ago, the Napalese earthquake then struck – so all in perspective).  With bodies and minds firmly institutionalised to grinding out […]

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Post cycling blues

Here Morgan takes us through his thoughts post-cycling and what he thinks the future holds for Mind Over Matter: Three weeks, in the grand scheme of things, isn’t a great deal of time. Three weeks on a bicycle, with a saddle that feels increasingly like it was designed as a torture device in medieval times, […]

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