What is this all about then?

Welcome to Mind Over Matter

In a nutshell

Using the motivation & implementation of epic challenges to promote and benefit mental well being whilst discussing our own issues to a relatable audience. 

How did it start?

About a year ago, during one of our usual chats about the mediocre seasons of our respective football teams we had an idea of doing something huge for mental health awareness. Having both suffered from various issues resulting, in most parts, to losing very close family members, we wanted to do something so big, so unbelievably difficult, that it would have the ability to change our lives.
After a few discussions we decided that we would cycle a very long way.

After a few months of intense conversations and calculations we finally decided on our route. We would cycle 2200 miles from Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, all the way to Singapore. Our time limit: 22 days. We would have to cycle an average of 100 miles every day through what is well-known as being SE Asia’s hot season.

People thought we were crazy, many thought we would never complete it.

How did we do?

Well, we completed our challenge!

Over the course of 3 weeks we covered over 2200 miles at an average of 100 miles per day through some of the hottest conditions (up to around 45C) and variable surfaces we could’ve imagined as we cycled from Hanoi to Singapore.

You can read about us and the story of the journey throughout this blog; you can’t really miss it as it starts on day 1 with the two of us looking fresh and motivated and ends with two hairy, grizzled men looking as though they had never seen soap.

An article by Singapore-based journalist, Alan Grant has just been published and gives a phenomenal account of our event. you can access the superbly written article here

Our fundraising page will close on May 24th, so please take a look at our story and if you like what you read, please donate 🙂

All money raised is going to help support the wonderful mental health charity, Mind.

Our attention now turns to what we can do to build on this. Our idea is to create both a successful blog – something that people can relate to and but also to create a much larger organisation that provides support, guidance and organisation to help other people with mental health issues to do something truly life-changing.

We are full of hope.

Thanks, Tommo and Morgan xx



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